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You’ve been tricked. Let bioPURE level with you!

 You have been tricked so let us level with you.At bioPUREwe keep science in the lead and that requires telling our customers the truth.Major chemical companies do what they can to help you keep your homes/businesses clean and healthy but claims to “kill 99.9% of household germs” require specific steps that are part of the small print that reads…” if used as directed”. When we clean, we are, by definition: “removing organic material”. We have, as a society, been trained to clean for appearance and for smell. When things look and smell clean, we feel good about our space. There is a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting; and sanitization and sterilization. This is where bioPURE comes in. Sanitizing kills some, Disinfecting kills more and Sterilization kills all…let these facts help you in making your decision to partner with bioPURE.

We will never tell you that we sterilize your facility, home or business. That is a process reserved for the medical field when it comes to the operating room, medical tools and equipment. Sterilization means ZERO growth and that standard is simply unattainable in a commercial or residential environment. bioPURE will sanitize and disinfect your space. We want to add to your current practices for cleaning. Our service adds that extra assurance and by partnering with experts, you have done all you can to change the standard of “clean” in your home or business. 


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