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It’s all chemistry and physics for bioPURE when we clean!

The best way to explain the difference between “clean” and free of germs, virus and pathogens is to share with our customers the three main concepts that set bioPURE apart.

Smearing and spreading is not the way to protect our environments from the things that make us sick.

Contact Times are significantly effective in the elimination of the things that make us sick.

Electrostatic Application, like that employed by bioPURE is the secret to ensuring our product is living up to its full potential.

Unless a cleaning material is used exactly as indicated on the directions included with the product, it doesn’t matter where you bought the product, whether it is from your local retailer, or a specialty seller on Amazon, it is ineffective. When using an over-the-counter product with a label that states “kills 99.9%” of everything…this only applies if the directions for use are followed exactly. Contact Time is simply the time that the disinfectant, or chemistry has to stay in contact with the germ, virus or pathogen in order to eliminate it. The proper way to sanitize and disinfect is to apply that material, in our case bioPURE clean, it is electrostatically applied and allowed to dry on its own, in only 10-15 minutes. Electrostatics, the delivery system for applying bioPURE’s superior chemistry, are key to the effectiveness for bioPURE. This application ensures our products is doing the job!

Electrostatics is the method used by the vehicle painting industry. Here is How Electrostatic Technology works:

  1. Electrostatic application breaks liquid down to a particle that is about half the size of a human hair. (The human hair is approximately 100 to 150 microns.)
  2. The particles that come out of bioPURE applicators are approximately 40 microns and as they exit our applicators they are electrically charged, positive or negative, like a magnet. 
  3. The object/objects being treated (i.e.: your home, your office, your business, your car, the daycare) is grounded, or neutral. It is the difference in polarity that causes our tiny particles to have an attraction that is approximately 75 times stronger than gravity. 

That’s the difference! Instead of spraying and wiping, our electrostatic technology powder coats your facility in the same way that paint adheres to a vehicle. A car is painted by the process of electrically charging the vehicle and when the paint hits, it has a “cellophane effect” getting into each crevice.

Electrostatic Application is far superior to fogging or spraying and wiping, and that how bioPURE delivers our product to your environment. 

bioPURE’s delivery system is the way that we can ensure the most amount of surfaces in any environment are being effectively treated. Proper contact time is never in question with bioPURE technology.

bioPURE uses physics and chemistry. When you partner with us, you have science on your side! 


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